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Angel Dreams Aviary

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Terms of Sale
We do NOT sell unweaned babies
2a. A deposit in the amount of 50% of the purchase price is required to hold the baby in trust until the delivery date.
This amount includes a non-refundable amount of $75, should the prospective buyer decline purchase, and should the Seller (Angel Dreams Aviary) have to find another buyer, on short notice.
Air transport is an additional charge, as is the approved carrier for the baby bird.
The buyer will be notified of the first human hand feeding date, insofar as the baby is under human care.
The deposit will be requested on or shortly after that date.
The full balance of the purchase price will be remitted to the Seller before the shipping date or pick up date, with bank clearance required before shipping or pick up is confirmed. The wire or electronic transfer of the funds is acceptable to the Seller.
 Confirmation of receipt of the funds will be relayed to the Buyer, so that arrangements can then be made for shipment or pick up of the baby or babies.
The buyer may also submit the full purchase price, if they so request it, rather than using the deposit method.
All babies are abundance fed, and will wean when they are ready.
Buyer agrees to pay for all shipping costs associated with delivery of bird, including air, cargo, and all other shipping costs, if so incurred by the Buyer.
(Please refer to the above paragraphs for exceptions).
 If Buyer is unable to take delivery of bird, the Seller, may cancel the Buyers order at his/her discretion , and retain all deposit monies (as noted in paragraph 2A), and sell the bird elsewhere or may negotiate another delivery time with the buyer.
The buyer may also make arrangements to have the baby picked up, either in person or by proxy, with verified proof as to ownership.
It is highly recommended that the baby be either shipped or transported, via a proper bird carrier. If air shipped, Angel Dreams Aviary will provide an approved carrier, cost to be born by the buyer.
(Buyer may forward an airline approved carrier, rather than purchasing one from us).

We use Pet Taxi with the wire doors, and small side ventilation holes, for safe transport. This brand of carrier has been approved for use by all major Airlines.
Terms: Angel Dreams Aviary has agreed to provide the buyer with a healthy, well-adjusted bird, free from any apparent defects and faults. We warrant that, at time of delivery, the bird in reference, is in good health.
The Buyer is strongly encouraged to have the bird examined by a qualified Avian Veterinarian, within three(3)days, from time of delivery, to verify the health of the bird.
 If the bird is found to have a pre-existing condition that affects its health, the Seller agrees to refund the entire purchase price, or to replace the said bird with another bird of the same species, sex if known, and age; all costs of return of bird to be paid by Seller.
 A new Sales Agreement will be drawn up at that time.
If the buyer fails to have the bird examined by a qualified Avian Vet, within three(3) days of receipt, the Buyer understands and agrees the sale is on an "As-is" Basis.
 Any warranty as to the health, fitness, merchantability and pet potential, personality traits, breeding success, are voluntarily waived by the Buyer.
(We do not recommend setting the birds up for breeding, until at least two years of age.)
Angel Dreams Aviary raises only quality, hand-fed babies (unless known to be Breeder-Quality stock).
We strive to produce only those parrots that are healthy, and well tempered.
Ongoing information and assistance are always available.
References are available upon request.
DNA Sexing of other birds is available for an additional charge of $50 per bird.
NOTE: Hatch certificate and sexing certificate will be sent under separate cover, to the new owners.

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Angel Dreams Aviary
Lumby, BC
"Shipping Available within Canada"