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Lineolated Parakeets

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Habitat in Nature

In the forests and mountains normally up to about 2.000m. Have already been seen as high as at 3.000 m. Sometimes visible in the savana. Some now and then, they make incursions on cultivated land (about 750 m), for feeding purposes. Even if Lineos may spend quite sometime on the ground, they will seek for shelter at night on top of tall trees preferably hollow.

As in Nature, these birds live at high altitudes, low tempratures are not a problem. Wild Lineos have been observed gladly taking snow baths in the mountains.

They are quite robust and fly fast and straight at medium to high altitudes. They may fly for long distances.

Habitat in captivity

Lineos easily live in captivity. They should be given a large cage or, better, a home aviary. Ideal dimensions for one to two pairs : 80x50x100 cm. Even in countries with mild climates, it is not advised to place the aviary outside as these birds would suffer from large and sudden temperature change.

Minimum size for an aviary for maximum six birds : 0.85m x 0.55m x 1.5 m.

Social life in Nature

Generally in groups from 6 to 30 birds. Groups of about one hundred individuals (up to 150) exist but it is very hard to see them.


Really calm birds, Lineos are peaceful, non-destructive birds. Although being parakeets, Lineos behave in a way which ressembles mostly to parrots.

Thus, they very often use their feet to grab food to eat or toys to play with.

Furthermore, during moments of great excitment, it is possible to observe their eyes blinking, which is typical of large parrots.

These characteristics have led some authors to define Lineos as "parrots in a small body".


As Lineos are not aggressive, it is not advisable to make them share an aviary with aggressive species. Lineos would probably not defend themselves and be wounded or even killed. Lineos use their beak to eat and to hold on objects, not to bite. An aviary with wood structure is perfectly possible for these birds.

Excellent acrobats, Lineos only fly when they have to.

Apart from flying, their movements are generally slow and smooth.

Lineos are very curious. Even if it is 'wild' (not hand-raised) it will not be scared if you go very close to the aviary to watch. It will probably stop all its activities and stare at you. This may last for a while.

If it feels a threat, it will fly away or, better, drop to the ground and, there, run quickly to a shelter.

On its perch, mainly to sleep, Lineos adopt a curious posture. Clinging to the perch, they will let their head fall and lift their back and tail. Certain breeders say that Lineos adopt the "bat posture".

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